Hi all...

I have a bad habit (?) of planning WAY in advance, but need some advice. My son and I (two bikes) will be riding from Orlando to Greenville, SC on May 10 2013. We have several purposes: 1. Hopefully to find him a job (fresh A.S. degree in CADD/Solidworks/Mechanical Drafting - anyone looking?) 2. Possibly to relocate myself. 3. To ride some roads that are not flat and straight.

We have ridden to NC twice before and usually stay at a different place each night. Using the scenic routes, BRP, 129, NC 80, to link them up. This time we plan to make Greenville home base and travel out and back on day trips. BTW we will be riding up and back - no trailering.

Any suggestions on "not to be missed" roads or destinations would be much appreciated. 200 mile days are no problem. 300 mile days on those twisty roads are a little taxing for the old bones. Our longest day will probably be up to Asheville, a chunk of the BRP and back again. I try to keep it to 6-8 hours of saddle time each day.

Recommendations welcomed and much appreciated.