1. I'm in Virginia
2. The bike is in New York
3. Seller has title in posession
4. Bank has a lien on title
5. Selling price higher than bank loan

I'd like to fly up, and ride bike home...

I've checked the web... and it "appears":
-I need to contact bank, get payoff, write a check (Bank Draft) to the bank, and deliver check in person to bank
-Draft a bill of sale to be signed by buyer and seller outlining sale price with a break down of monies to bank and to buyer
-Seller signs over title to me
-I give seller Bank Draft for difference between lien and selling price
-Jump on bike and return home....

Have I got this right? I'll contact Navy Federal tomorrow and ask their advice but thought I'd post here looking to hear from those that have done this.

No offense intended, I'd like to hear from those with actual experiences vice those that "think" they know what I should do...

Thanks in advance!