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    The question...

    Well i got the question today.Just getting off the bike and a delivery girl for the local parts place comes by.Looks at the GS and asks "did you just put that emblem on there?" What?" BMW doesn't make motorcycles-so did you put the emblem on it?"No it's a real BMW.Oh.......
    Ed Baker

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    So you simply said "No it's a real BMW"?

    Let's see who can come up with a better snappy answer.

    I'll start:
    These are made in China, If you look closely the B is more like an '8'.

    I'm sure the honourable members can beat that.
    Mike Marr
    1978 Yamaha XS750 (Needs rings), 1996 BMW R1100RS, 2004 Honda CRF230F

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    When I'm out on my bike and I come across a BMW car, I frequently ask, 'Do they make cars now?' and go on to ask if they are any good.
    It frequently earns me strange looks, but it's worth it for all the times that I've been asked about the bikes.

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    Back in the 80's I pulled into a gas station to fill my then-new R100. There was a middle-aged woman at the next pump filling a BMW car. I could feel her glaring at me disapprovingly.

    As she went inside to pay, she wiggles her hand at my bike and says "What are those?" I responded along the lines of asking what she was pointing at. She was pointing at the BMW tank badges. When I told her it was a BMW she said it couldn't be, BMW would never make a motorcycle, and she directed me to take the tank badges off!

    You couldn't make that up...........................

    '06 Triumph Scrambler (Trans-Labrador veteran)

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    I was maybe 13 and on the back on Dad's still new-ish '68 R50/2, and people would ask us "what brand is that?"
    My bike shown here
    Jordan M, MOA #24434
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    BMW History

    Some of you may be aware of this site, others will be interested. Click on history, about the third space down on the left, before that is mostly automotive.
    Gene T

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