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Why the gratuitous Harley-bashing? Did I miss the smilely that would have said you meant this in jest? If so, ignore the following "say what??"

As the saying goes (paraphrased): "No one ever got ahead by speaking ill of others." This sort of comment help justifies the HD rider's stereotypes of stuck-up BMW riders!
Not bashing just a bit of humour. Did not think I had to use a smiley.

On the other hand I just returned from a trip to the west coast and back. We did a bit of a survey and found that Harley (or at least the harley and look a likes) riders would initiate a wave 2 out of 10, return a wave 4 out of 10. The higher the ape hanger the less likely a wave so I thought they must be afraid to take thier hands off the bars.

Those riding sport bikes had about the same record. The people who waved most were either riding a VStrom, KLR or a BMW GS. They had a 50-60% initiation wave and 90-100% return wave.

I wave at everyone because that is the way it was when I started riding 40 years ago. Bikers waved at bikers and truckers waved at truckers.