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Thread: hi-viz and tickets

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    hi-viz and tickets

    Hi, I recently started commuting with a hi-viz Jacket. Also, I recently ordered a Hi-viz Arai helmet. With the jacket, I noticed that people see me better. For example on Thursday, a T-shirt and shorts Harley rider waved his index finger about one mile from my position. He held his finger up until he passed me. I was surprised he saw me so far off. He waved long before I did. The hi-viz color is annoying, so I am not judgmental on his choice of fingers to wave. But, what worries me is speeding.

    Does anyone that recently switched to a hi-vis jacket or helmet notice an increase in tickets ?

    I am just curious. Regretfully, wearing a hi-vis helmet may make me slow down.

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    Being hi-viz certainly makes it hard to blend in with the traffic - that's kinda the point. It also makes it easier for Sheriff Andy to single you out and continue visual contact until he catches-up. Or maybe he notes what a conscientious rider you are in your gear and cuts you some slack.

    Frankly, I always wear hi-viz with a plain white helmet but haven't noted any increased attraction from law enforcement. My four-wheeler is a silver Honda CR-V which I do believe has saved me a few times. I mean, half the cars on the road around here are silver CR-Vs and they are mostly driven by mobile road hazards, so I might get a free pass. Who knows? Enjoy the added conspicuity and don't swet it.


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    Love to be seen

    Hi viz jacket and flashing lights makes people move over. I don't know why, but I like it.
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    If you can see a finger waving from a mile away you should be able to spot speed traps before they spot you and speeding is more apt to earn you a ticket rather than your choice of wardrobe.

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    >>Harley rider waved his index finger<<

    Being a Harley rider, are you sure it was his index finger?

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    My wife and I were discussing this on the way home just this afternoon (my RT, her GS). I wear a Hi-Viz Schuberth C3, and either a yellow jacket or a blue Darien. Her in a silver C3 and a yellow jacket. Passed quite a few LEOs, including a Trooper shooting radar while we we doing 62 in a 55.

    I'm of the view that at least here in Northern VA and DC the LEO's are more predisposed to expect "bad" behavior (speed/weaving/etc.) from (i) sport bikes and (ii) riders *not* wearing much in the way of protective gear.

    Put another way, when they see you in Hi-Viz, especially if ATGATT, they seem to subconsciously assess you to be a "safe" rider, and focus on the next car/bike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rut3556 View Post
    >>Harley rider waved his index finger<<

    Being a Harley rider, are you sure it was his index finger?
    Could not believe it was a Harley rider. I find that Harley drivers are afraid to take their hands off the handlebars

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