I have not owned my 1995 K75 for very long. The PO told my that he put synthetic oil in the last time the oil was changed but would not do it again. I should of ask him why, but I did not. Anyone have an idea as to why someone would run dino oil over synthetic?

Sorry everyone, I know you have been ask what is the best oil thousands of times, but I am a newbie when it comes to K bikes. I want to replace all of the fluids so I have a baseline to work from.

Also, I am not crazy about having to drive to a dealer to buy my oil. I will if that is what is best for the bike, but it is about 2 hours round trip plus a bridge toll. Surely I can find quality oil locally. Should I stay away from certain brands?
What weight of oil should you run in in your K bike (synthetic or dinosaur) and why?