I am still having electrical problems with my 2005 r1200gs. All the electronic controls on the handlebars have stopped working such as the following:

Both blinkers controls
Trip meter
Horn button
Heated grips
ABS along with the servos(intermittently)
Rear Brake light(tail light works)

Everything stopped working for over a month and then when I drove the bike 200 miles to drop it off at Bloodworth in Nashville everything started working about one mile form the dealership. I stopped and filled up with gas and when I restarted the bike everything mentioned above stopped working again. The dealer said that they are going to have to replace the wiring harness($1,400) before that can diagnosis any farther. They said that when they move the wiring harness that they get inconsistent readings on their instruments. Sounds like a expensive way to trouble shoot the problem. They said that the new wiring harness might not fix the problem, but that it might be something else. This could get very expensive! Does anybody have any ideas of what the problem could be or how to diagnosis it?