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    Question clutch help

    I have a clutch with the following part #121211251803. I have been trying to find the model to which this will fit. I have tried the parts fiches with no success. Does anyone have a solution or bike model?

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    Hi Gary, welcome aboard. The part number you gave, 121211251803, does not conform to BMW's 11-digit part numbering system (it has two too many numbers).

    21 21 1 251 801, is the pressure plate for the R100T (assuming from your username that you have an R100T).

    Here's the R100T parts page from MAXBMW >

    You can use this handy part number identifier found On MAXBMW's website. I tried manipulating the number that you gave, but no combination came up as a legit p/n.

    See >

    What particular part of the clutch are you referring to?
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    Thanks Lew,
    Sorry it is a clutch plate.
    I have tried MAX with no result. Upon further scrutiny I found some other numbers; 09 1 884 278 003 or 08 1864 278 003. I did try these numbers as well but they came up 'no picture'. The number I gave you was on a tag attached to the plate.


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    Gary -

    Those numbers are also not valid parts numbers. If you find something that is stamped onto a part, more than likely it is not a part number, just some kind of internal tracking number.

    A clutch plate for a '81 R100RT (you didn't actually say what) is 21211451512:
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