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Thread: Where are the cops

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    Quote Originally Posted by cehlbeck View Post
    Or rear ending a moving car? About 2 years ago I was on the interstate on the way home from work in rush hour traffic in the car luckily. We had reached a spot where it was NOT stop and go but moving a steady 40 - 45 MPH. When all of a sudden, WHAM! I get rear ended. It was a very young girl, maybe 20 in a Nissan. We get to the shoulder and what's her excuse? "I was on the phone and not paying attention." I mean how do you rear end a moving car? Minimal damage to mine but her radiator was steaming.
    Had the same thing happen about two years ago.We were headed on the interstate at 40MPH in crawling,but steady Friday rush hour traffic. I had seen him leave a gap and bridge up to me a few times before he hit us...but had nowhere to dodge him in the Dodge on his last run
    Luckily in my 3/4 ton Dodge and took the it well. The yahoo hit us with his Taurus and pushed us forward pretty hard. My three ball hitch took out his radiator and bent my hitch mount. I exchanged info and rolled off leaving his texting dumb a** waiting for a wrecker...he admitted he was catching up on texts Oh yeah, he was my age!
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenfiddich View Post
    Lincoln NH covering the Highland Games. Love the shirt!

    My wife and I were riding past this yesterday when she suddenly started going "OWOO OWOO". I thought "what the..." . Then I saw all the men in kilts.

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    Some of you know the "new" superhighway between Victoria and Parksville,speed limits 110 (kmh!!) in some places. You know how traffic is brought to a screeching halt every couple of miles for the frequent red lights. It is two lane all the way....There I was in the pickup,trying to make time,but there is a guy in the left lane in a truck who just won't leave the left lane,and is driving so slowly that I can't get by him on the right and resume speed in the left....Intersection after intersection....Red light after red light.....Finally I flash him(no,kept my clothes on) and the oportunity barely presenting itself,I floored it and zoomed by on the right,built up a good head of steam,hit the passing lane,and watched as his hidden grille lights came on. Pulled over and waited thinking,"Would it be wise to castigate him for left lane parking?" Decided not wise. Luckily,he wore a white shirt = senior officer and likely did not have a traffic ticket book with him. We chatted a bit,I pledged to drive more coolly,and off I went with red cheeks.

    Where are the cops??
    Sometimes,nothing is a real cool hand.

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