I live in me first land, that seems to be the main attitude here. In other words I can not stand ride/drive behind you or anyone else, I gotta be in front.

Well here I am headed west on the main drag in the right hand lane, there are three lanes each way with a median. Behind me in the right hand lane is a white Ford pickup, behind the pickup in the center lane is one of the new local police dept. Dodge Chargers. We are all running the 45 mph speed limit, suddenly from behind the Ford pickup comes a Jeep Cherokee whizzing past the Ford and me on my bike, with use of his right hand turn signal he passes, cuts in quickly and darts into a gas station. I hit the brakes hard, almost standing the bike on the front wheel, the Ford behind me thank God hits the brakes, we avoid hitting the Jeep and me. However the police sees this and blue lights flash and he turns into the gas station.

My best guess is "improper turn" "reckless driving" and what ever else might apply.

The pickup driver pulled up beside me at the next traffic light with some unkind words for the dude in the Jeep.

So for once where are the cops when you need them? Right behind you in this case.