I looked at the scooter today, specifically at the latch and yes it is a cable that runs up the right side of the scooter an it may be possible to run a second cable so you can use it as a pull cord and have it hidden. I was also thinking of hiding a second key in or around the steering head area (lots of space). I would still like to have a key at home in my safe. In Germany they have eight more keys for the scooter as they made ten for each and every scooter. When I got my Z3 I got 4 keys and from what I gathered 6 more in Germany. I only got 2 with the scooter as I would think you all got the same.
This happened to me and it is easy to do and I probably won't be the last. Could you imagine you are a thousand miles from home at a rally, oh crap. When you hide your key make sure it is secure you would not want to lose your key or lock it under the seat and go to get the spare and it not be where you left it.