Was looking through the owners manual, am surprised it had MORE tools than my K1200GT wedge. I see it has an adjustment spanner for rear spring tension, I was wondering if it was adjust able or not. Has spare fuses too, again which is a change from my 1200.
Battery is inside one of the front side panels, looks like not too much of a chore to get in there, not like the Tupperware on my 1200. The foot rest panels come off for accessing things like the oil tank and coolant tank, but again they seem to have made everything easy to get to. There is evidently a slot to view coolant level, and the oil level can be check with the instrument panel electrically. But there is a dipstick inthe tank as well. I've gotten used to checking it electrically.
Am wondering if a significant amount of rear bodywork comes off to work on the engine and if that would be a real chore or not.
Wish I would have remembered to try the horn on the roadtest. As you may have read on another thread my roadtest was cut a little short.