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I am swearing to never grumble about a posting/grammar/etc on a public forum ever again... and am THANKFUL to be part of the MOA community. Why? I own a 2011 Chevrolet Traverse (wife picked this one out) and recently had a rear window wiper blade go bad. On the down side: the owners manual and directions are WRONG. And the Anco replacement blades are longer than stock - though workable. On the plus side: I found there is a Chevy Traverse Owners Forum which gave me nice tips on replacing the blade. HOWEVER. Looking around the forum I found out, yes indeed, there is such a thing as a "dumb question" (example - Q: "why doesn't my I-Pod dock with the radio?" A: Because your radio does not have docking (with ANYTHING)) And if you are sensitive to spelling/grammatical issues... you'll likely break out in hives reading some of the posts.

And these people drive next to us.
I think you will find GM uses Trico wiper blades