I have a 1999 R1100RT with 20,000 miles. I've owned her for a year and a half. At times, the previous owner(s) had used both regular and synthetic oil. On this change, I used Castrol Power RS GPS 4T, 20w-50 semi-synth.

In the 400 miles since the oil change, I noticed a "chirping" kind of noise coming from the engine while under load (say, in third gear, 40 MPH, and roll on the throttle). I hear it also when riding over a bump and rough road. Everything else seems normal.

If I rev the engine at a stop, the noise occasionally happens at the higher rpms. I believe I may be hearing the noise both from the side of the engine and through the exhaust.

It doesn't sound like a "spun bearing" to me, but I can't identify the noise. Obviously, I don't want to damage anything, but the closest BMW dealership is 100 miles from my driveway.

Whatcha think? Any constructive advice would be appreciated. TIA.