This morning I decided not to renew my AMA membership.

My email (below) to the AMA explains my reasons.

Over the last several years, both the Democrats and Republicans have been working very hard to capture outside groups like the AMA. I find this objectionable.

Before anyone on this forum accuses me of bashing the Republican party, I would find it equally problematic if the AMA became a left wing front group for the Democrats instead of a right wing front group for the Republicans.

In my opinion ( albeit not a very humble one), my motorcycle association should represent me the rider, .....and not a political party or the manufacturers.

( And yes, I know the AMA takes lots of money from the manufacturers so maybe we need a new Association one that just represents the rider. )

I guess that is why the BMW MOA exists.

AMA MEMBERSHIP ___ I have decided not to renew my membership with the AMA because it has become clear to me and many others that the AMA has become a ǣright wing front group. Although the AMA leadership will argue that the Association is non-partisan, the AMA positions, without exception, follow the Republican Party ǣplay book for organizations like the AMA. As a result, the AMA has taken positions to the detriment of its individual members.

While it is true that politics in this country have become overly divisive and have ǣsplit the country, I would have hoped that my motorcycle association would advocate on behalf of individual riders (like me) and not on behalf of one party or the other.

Thank you