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Thread: Helmet dryer

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    Helmet dryer

    Not fancy or pretty but works good. Some kind of little fan mounted under a hole in my helmet shelf. Bought a used Shoei that was saturated with some kind of smell-well that I fanned for months. With a new bucket, I just leave it overnight after a hot ride and seems to keep the crud at bay.
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    Good idea. Thanks for the tip.
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    I need this like right now! I rode my bike home from work this afternoon and had to rush to get ready to go to the dentist. I hated putting my sweaty stinky helmet back on. Yuch. I just washed the liner last weekend too. Dang Texas heat.

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    hmmm, can you say, "New Product Opportunity"?

    Ooops! Too late... Impact Racing Helmet Dryer, and only $85.

    I like your better.
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    You can buy "muffin" fans at Radio Shack in AC or DC versions for a heck of a lot less than the above.
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    It's pretty low tech, but you can get the same effect by stuffing a couple sheets of newspaper in your helmet when you get done riding. No power needed.

    (Special note to riders in their 20's: a newspaper is sorta like the internet, except it's printed on large sheets of paper and gets delivered to your home ).

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    If you have a Peet shoe dryer, for $15 bucks or so they have a nice helmet adapter & glove adapter that work just fine. I highly endorse drying off footgear, gloves and headgear between rides. Nice for every day garb as well.

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