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Thread: 22 Sept 2012 - Lake Michigan 1000

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    22 Sept 2012 - Lake Michigan 1000

    On saturday, 22 Sept 2012, a few of us will be attempting the SS1000 around Lake Michigan.

    We will be starting/stopping here:

    Rick's Pioneer Mobil
    112 N Port Washington
    Grafton, WI 53024

    We will meet a 1am and be headed out around 2-2:30am. Traveling counter-clockwise around Lake Michigan.

    We would LOVE to have additional folks join us.

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    Nice area to ride up there around Grafton. I have been riding in Grafton and Port and to the Kettle Moriane area as well.

    Good luck with your SS 1000.

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    That will put you through Chicago at what should be an non-congested time. This past Tuesday ~ 2-3 AM I was returning from the FingerLakes Rally and through Chicago on 41/I-94 I just had roll off the accelerator twice for speed checks, very little traffic.

    Hope your SS 1000 goes well.
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