I was out for a labor day ride made it about 45 miles from home got off the highway to enjoy back roads cruising and the bike stalled while riding along in 3rd at about 30-35mph quickly pulled the clutch and coasted , I then downshifted into 2nd and popped the clutch and she fired back up and went for another2miles or less and just died. It turns over fine and the kickstand kill switch seems to work (i can hear the pump prime when retracted )I coasted onto a side street and nothing, pulled a plug To see if I flooded it while trying to turn it over and it was dry, checked to see if there was a spark and nothing. I did feel a burp about a week ago while riding just motoring along at about 4500 rpm and she just seemed to quit momentarily, then just resumed riding?? This time she wont start no spark and apparently no gas. I do have fuel in the tank so I'm like what gives here? Thinking ignition module or some sort of short. Had to go get the girl in my pickup made for a very unhappy labor day. Anybody got any ideas??