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    Steering Tire...

    Bias Ply or Radial on the Steering? Does it matter? I have a K Block on the hack... And a car tire on the rear...

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    Sidecar Front Tires

    I've been riding rigs with Block Ks on the front since 1985. My current rig, a 1987 K100LT, has a Hannigan sidecar, after-market leading link forks, and, like yours, an automotive rear tire. In my opinion, the front forks have more effect on handling than the type of front tire.

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    I'm running a metzler 880 bias ply on the front. Handles great on the heavy K, over 5k mile and just 2/32 wear form new. 38psi.
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    just put a Metzeler 880 on my 2009 R1200GSA w/DMC sidecar ....

    so far so good.

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