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Thread: That Tiny Plastic Key-like Doodad???

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer7 View Post
    The key just has a molded in rfid chip. Why would you be worried about it being taped to the bike frame? You'd likely have to chop it up to hurt it..
    I wasn't "worried" about the key itself; was thinking about the tape holding. After two years in the elements, that there is some good tape. Better than mine.
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    My van came with two keys with black plastic and the rf chip so they'll start the van. I got one extra made along with two cheap metal keys that will unlock the doors but won't start the van. The primary driving key is on it's own key chain by itself so there's no chance of the messed up ignition from too much weight hanging on it.

    One spare black starting key rides around in my right front pocket. One metal door unlocking key rides around in my left front pocket. One unlock but can't start and drive away key is conveniently waiting in the garage in case I want to get into the van when I'm wearing bike riding clothes or something else so I don't have the spares in my pockets. The last start and drive key is in a cabinet inside the house in case 'the boss' needs to move the van.

    Keys and pockets go well together. One loose spare key with the coins in my left pocket or with the Chapstick and pocket knife in my right pocket is nothing. It also eliminates the small chance of someone finding where I hid it on the vehicle while thinking I was far more clever than anyone who'd ever hidden a key before.

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