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Thread: Anonymous Book Saved the Day: Story keeps it anonymous though.

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    Anonymous Book Saved the Day: Story keeps it anonymous though.

    5 day anniversary camping trip started out on Wed. with lunch in town where my 85 K100RS w 140 k miles boiled over. After lunch and adding antifreeze, went a couple more towns, too many stoplights, boiled over again, found shade. It was over 90 deg. F.
    Called one of 5 Anonymous numbers in nearby town. Guy said come over we have a place you can set up your tent and we might get it fixed today. Turns out he had worked in service for some dealers, now just does bikes on nights and weekends.

    He is new to MOA, this was his first call, mine too. Pulled up to his garage with a bike lift, full tool set and internet right there. We were quickly sure I needed a new fan. His K bike friend didn't have one across town so I ordered one Wed at 5pm from a great BMW store near Baltimore for Thurs. out and Fri 2:20 arrival. New friend had a prime spot for our tent too. Plenty of nearby riding without stop lights, the fan was only needed at stoplights and flagman ahead zones.

    Rode Wed night to dinner, Thurs and Fri. all day, pulled in at 4 on Fri. Fan had arrived, we went to work, had the new one in and the camping gear loaded before his extended family and my wife and I had a take out dinner together on their patio. After dinner we headed out to a beautiful state park camp site for two more nights that we had picked out and reserved on our ride earlier Fri.

    We met some wonderful people including their family and friends and we had a great trip (an adventure). Thank you's all around. That Anonymous Book sure helped, 15+ year MOA membership therefore is a wonderful thing. National Rallies and the Monthly Magazine are also great.

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    I too had my trip saved by the 'anonymous book', and like you, kept it 'anonymous', but seeing your story prompted me to tell mine.

    Travelling to the east this past June, the rear shock blew on the K bike as we were going through Memphis. Oil everywhere. Well, the bike is still rideable, sure, but wouldn't be much fun in the Smoky Mountains. I noticed the oil at a gas stop just east of Memphis. After an hour or so of weighing the options, (go 400 miles back home and forget the trip we planned for a year, go on with the trip and ride a pogo stick for a bike, or get out the 'book') we got out the book.

    First guy we called came to the rescue. Drove 1 hour to get us. Then found a shock for us from one of his local club memebers. This guy just lets me 'borrow' the shock off of his K100, and says, "Mail it back when you get done with your trip".

    Got the shock put on, bought the guy some fuel for his truck, shook hands and we went our seperate ways.

    The book saved my bacon for sure!
    Mike Davis
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    1985 K100RT

    1998 R1100RT

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