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Thread: Manwohr 36 Tour

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    Had I known. I too contacted BMW Customer Service and this info will add credence to my complaint.

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    Is this is their idea of a customer lounge, folding chairs and an empty drink machine? In total, I spent about 12 hours here. I guess you get what you pay for when you decide to purchase a BMW. Are you kidding me?
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    Anyway, should an authorized BMW Motorrad's service dept. have a sign like this?
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    Today I left Dodge City and headed out across Kansas. It was cold and gloomy but miles had to be made up since I was held up so long at Pikes Peak Motorsports in Colorado Springs.

    39˚ and windy eventually became 52˚ and rain.

    I can't say enough about my gear and the BMW's heated grips. They make these conditions so much more than tolerable. Not that it's a pleasure mind you but it makes stopping out of the question.

    Into Oklahoma then east into western Arkansas. 450 miles of otherwise "I'll take the car" weather. Hoping for dry roads and warmer temps tomorrow through the Ozarks.

    Nothing exciting about today's ride which is a good thing. Ironically, I found it to be a very nice ride. Really no scenery, and no traffic. It's hard to describe but after reflecting on today's miles, I sit here in my hotel with a reserved smile on my face....and the thermostat at 80.

    I'm hoping to thrash a bit of the Ozarks tomorrow and the make it into eastern Tennessee. If not, there's a lot of good college football to watch.

    In case you didn't know #5 Georgia plays my #6 Gamecocks in Columbia at 7pm.

    Tomorrow's ride will be governed accordingly.
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    Today's ride ended in rain and 48˚ temps. Stay thirsty Ol' Blue.
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    I left Springdale, Arkansas this morning under partly cloudy skies and 39˚. Heading south on I-540, I exited on AR 180 which turns into AR 16. What a great road. No traffic, no cops and 50-70mph sweepers. Just what an RT likes. Before I knew it I had gobbled up 150 miles of asphalt.

    Eventually AR 16 intersects with AR 7, which dumps you off on I-40.

    Just before getting on the interstate I noticed ominous clouds to the east southeast. Right where I was heading. I pulled off of AR 7 and donned all of my foul weather gear. A good thing too. As soon as I pulled onto the freeway, the skies opened up. Heavy rain, 42˚ and traffic heading into Little Rock.

    About 2 hours later I pulled off for gas. It was around noon and still pouring. Right there next to the gas station were a couple of nice cozy hotels. I was tempted but not deterred. A full tank and onward towards Memphis. The rain would not let up.

    After running past Memphis, I called it a day. I was wet, cold and hungry. I had only traveled a total of 350 miles but I feel like they were well earned. And I thought, why kill myself. Put the bike away to ride another day.
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    AR 7. This says it all.
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  9. #114 does this.
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    After a rainy night, sitting in my hotel room watching the Gamecocks destroy Georgia, I woke up to dry pavement. There still was a thin layer of clouds that indicated rain was possible. My plan was to get 300 miles under my belt no matter what the weather. As it turned out, leaving Memphis and heading east, the skies started to clear. Not cloudless but bits of pure sunshine. It's amazing how a small ray of sunshine can stir my soul. I had a friend who taught me the true meaning of life. Some of her wisdom was the feeling of warm sunshine bathing your skin on a cold day. Check. Another was a hot shower after being soaked by a cold rain. Double check. The point is the simplest things are the most treasured. She passed away in 2000.

    So here I was on I-40, heading east trying to accumulate some miles. Just after Nashville, I needed a change and exited onto Hwy 70. A nice change of pace, some small towns, a few twisties and about 80 miles.

    From there back on I-40 to 321 looking for a dragon. After gassing up, I made my way over to 129. Sunday afternoon and Deal's Gap was virtually empty, nobody ahead of me and nobody behind me for the entire session. Beautiful.

    At the south end of the Dragon there is a left turn onto NC 28. Wow! What a great road. Less technical and much faster than the Dragon. It runs along side a river for quite a distance and provides few surprises. The RT just ate it up.

    It eventually straightens out and I went looking for 441 to lead me to the southern beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway, hoping to ride the part I missed by starting it in Asheville at the beginning of my trip.

    It's amazing how different it looked from a month ago. It had transformed from the effects of Autumn. No more green canopy. Now the roads were sprinkled with the colorful leaves of fall. Really a pretty time to be here.

    As I got higher on the mountains, the vistas revealed some remarkable cloud cover from below. It felt heavenly not unlike the summit of Pike's Peak.

    I road the Blue Ridge into the night, looking down on the faint lights of the small towns below. I felt as if I was the only person on the entire parkway. A combination of solitude and terror.

    Ended the day in Asheville.

    Tomorrow I hope to catch some more of "28" and eventually make it to Tallahassee and to hug my daughter.

    I can't believe it's almost the end of the road.

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    Rainy in Memphis
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    Gear drying and thawing
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    Break time on the Dragon
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    Dragon Slayer
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    NC 28, a great road. The road is on the right side of the photo and shows from where I came.
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