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Thread: Manwohr 36 Tour

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    I left Sacramento and headed south on I-5 expecting a crappy ride. Quite the opposite. It was a traffic free, relaxing trip.

    After about 200 miles, I exited on CA 41 and headed for the junction with CA 46. For those that don't recognize the significance of these two roads, it's the spot where James Dean was killed in his Porsche. The place was desolate. No traffic, nobody around. Standing there you can see exactly how it happened. Very eery and sad.

    Heading west on 41, a fun road by the way, eventually I hit 101 and then PCH through several towns on my way to So. Cal.

    Just a beautiful ride down the coast. Great weather with the bike purring like a kitten.

    Did I mention lane splitting?

    It's a bit awkward on a fully loaded R 1200 RT but still very convenient most of the time. I probably shaved an hour off of my ride through the LA area. And the car drivers are hip to it all, moving aside to let you through. Nearly every red light I hit found me at the front of the line.

    Got into Newport Beach, CA late in the afternoon and in true form my buddy says, "Glad you made it, now help me push start my Porsche." After 560 miles on the bike, this is the welcome I get? I have to give him grief. Knowing him, I wouldn't expect anything less.

    In a couple of days, I head across Nevada with plenty of bottled water, hoping to make it close to the Utah state line near the Bonneville Salt Flats. Originally, I wanted to take Ol' Blue on the salt flats but everybody I talk to says not to do it, it'll take its toll on the bike.

    So, we'll see.
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    I took my 06' Honda ST1300 out on the salt flats, had a blast. Found a car wash in West Wendover and gave the bike a good cleaning afterward. Kept that bike for several years and had no ill effects. I say get ol' Blue out on the salt and let her rip. You may never come that way again.
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    We got the Boxter S a new battery last night and spent some time thrashing it up and down the PCH around Huntington Beach. Lots of fun. Later we celebrated perhaps a bit too much, cuz it was tough getting myself together for this morning's ride.

    After a bunch of coffee, I booked out of Newport Beach by 7am. Traffic was light but it was still there.

    Eventually I got on I-15 and set a course for Vegas. At around 11am I came into the city with 95˚ on the temp gauge. I considered riding down the strip but cooler heads prevailed. I looped Sin City continuing on I-15 to US 93 north toward Alamo. 93's a sweet road with lots of varying terrain across the Great Basin.

    Just north of Alamo I picked up NV 318 toward Lund intersecting with US 6 and then a quick ride to Ely. From there, back on 93 through the Ruby Mountains and into Wendover.

    As you approach Wendover (and West Wendover for that matter) you come around a turn through a small canyon and looking to the east, you get your first glance of the Great Salt Lake Desert. It looks like a giant white body of water from a distance.

    All of the roads mentioned above, with the exception of I-15 are for the most part desolate. I stopped right in the middle of some of them, got off the bike, took some pictures and just chilled. If a car or truck was approaching, you could see it when it was still a few miles away; plenty of time to suit up, start the bike and take off.

    I got to my Wendover hotel at 6pm. Eleven hours in the saddle covering just shy of 700 miles.

    Tomorrow I'll check out the Salt Flats and decide whether or not to make Ol' Blue a salty dog.

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    James Dean junction
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    Lane splitting is fun!
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    Terrorizing Huntington Beach in the Porsche Boxter S
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    Shaking out the cobwebs with coffee, bidding Newport Beach goodbye
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    Self portrait of me and Ol' Blue gassing up on I-15
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    Looking down that long and lonely road
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    Today turned out to be one of those epic days. I guess I should have seen it coming when it all started just before sunrise. Riding a few miles onto the Bonneville Salt Flats at 100mph+. No coffee can provide the jolt of hauling ass on the flats, on a bike, a fully loaded one at that. After my morning run a shut her down and just stopped right there in the middle of the salt flats. Not a soul in sight, only the sound of my Alpine Stars boots as I stepped over the salt. A full moon was setting to the west over the mountains while the morning sky to the east was growing full of color by the minute.

    Now I’ve had some pretty special moments in my life, having been blessed with some of the best stuff anyone could hope for, and this was a major moment, and it was fabulous. And the day was just beginning.

    After all of this, what else could there be?

    Reality. Tons of salt all over everything. Living in south Florida, I know what salt can do to things. So I rode back into town to look for a car wash. Couldn’t find one. I spotted a hose in front of a hotel that I hadn’t stayed at so I went to the office to ask permission. Locked. So I decided to turn the water on and give Ol’ Blue a bath. All of a sudden a guy shows up who turned out to be the owner of the hotel. Instead of giving my grief, he encouraged me to continue to rinse my bike. He turned out to be a sweetheart of a guy, asking about the ride, how I liked the bike, etc. When I was done, he sent me off with, “Say hi to Mickey (Mouse) for me.” He could’ve been a real hard ass and instead was an angel.

    Now when I added it all up, the way things were going, the thought entered my mind of this maybe being my last day on earth. It was all just a bit too good of a start to a day.

    After my head cleared, and the salt was rinsed away, the days ride commenced. Heading east from Wendover on I-80 towards Salt Lake City is a ride right out of the Florida riding book...long and straight. A lot of salt flat left and right (mostly left). Another day of pristine weather, slate blue skies, cool temps.

    Eventually I hit I-15 again (I took it from LA through Vegas and it heads diagonally across Utah), headed south to US 6/191 to I-70 for about 25 miles to US 191 south.

    I took some time to explore Arches National Park. As with all of our national parks, it’s a “no brainer”. Five bucks, two hours and I was back heading toward my destination, Four Corners.

    About 10-15 years ago, driving my sister-in-law’s car back from Scottsdale, my Dad and I stopped here and played a goofy, silly, fun game of catch with a couple of gloves and a baseball. He had brought the stuff without my knowledge. As I was looking in amazement at the way the four states meet at this spot, he smacked me on the back with a glove. I could only grin and take my position in one state while he was in another. This went on and on with both of us enjoying the moment. A dad and a son playing a game of catch, randomly standing in a different state for each throw and catch. “Field of Dreams” had nothing on us. Was this heaven? No, it was Arizona and New Mexico and Utah and Colorado. It sure felt like heaven.

    So this is where my day ended. The sun setting in much the same way it rose at the day’s beginning, and spreading Dad’s ashes in each state.
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    Arches National Park
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    Four Corners
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    She got me here
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    Very compelling ride reports! You're fortunate to have such a remarkable copilot.

    I now consider myself the newest fan of the University of South Carolina Football.

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