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Thread: help with aquiring tools for clutch alignment '03 K1200GT

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    help with aquiring tools for clutch alignment '03 K1200GT

    Looking for a source too acquire tool to align clutch disc on 2003 K1200GT. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ande2078 View Post
    Looking for a source too acquire tool to align clutch disc on 2003 K1200GT. Thanks
    Can't get it from a dealer ??? That is where I have obtained all of my specialized tools.
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    I just did mine on an R1100 and had no problem aligning it by eye.

    I've also seen on the interweb where people find a socket that will fit down inside the clutch splines, then wrap the actuating rod with duct tape until it fits (centered) inside the socket.

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    Clutch tools

    Thanks for the ideal about the socket. I'll try the dealer route also. That's why I went to this Forum. Forums have been a lot of help with my other bike

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    there's always one on ebay --k100 parts

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    The forums will be even more help if you put the year/model of your bike in the thread title.. please read: I've added the info to the thread title.

    It also might be helpful if we had some idea where you're from. Someone near you may have a tool they could loan you. It's easy to add that info automatically if you add it and your real name to your "sig" (look under "User CP"..)
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    Call Ken Lively. I'm not sure if the K12 uses the same alignment tool as the K100s and K75s. He might know.

    Here's the e-mail I got from him a few years ago. Call him and make sure the prices are still correct.

    Hi Lee
    Yes, I have BMW "K" engine Valve Adj tools available for the 2 valve "K" engine.
    The 2 Pieces are made from 3/16 Laser cut steel. Working contours are identical to factory tools. Tools are new. Tools come w/ instruction sheet.
    $27 S/H included.

    Clutch pilots for K's are available also. New, from steel
    $18 S/H included.

    ǣPay Pal to Polepenhollow, Cashiers Checks, Money Orders and Personal Checks accepted.
    I ship as soon as Pay Pal is posted or the check arrives.

    Thanks, Good Luck and Good Riding.
    Kenneth Lively
    318 S Hart St
    Palatine Il 60067


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