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Thread: Stopped for Left turn

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    Stopped for Left turn

    Was stopped for a left turn on a 30 mph city 4 lane street. Pickup bearing down in mirror. Hard to judge his stopping in mirror and old stiff neck in full face helmet not much better. I just staged in "Launch" mode ready to make a really quick zero to 30. He stopped. Any way to improve on this?


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    You watched.... thats a huge plus... anticipating you might have to move another plus.

    Assumptions then... you were in gear, you had turn signal on

    Axulliary Brake lighting in place?

    Flashing brake light back to him?

    I would also think slow down with as much notice as possible, perhaps some in lane movement, brake light flashing, turn signal a bit in advance.

    An arm motion. Left hand turn, then hand down for stopping.

    Lane placement..... not clear myself on this one. too far over to the left and you might be no seen if his focus is straight down the lane, However that gives some room for him to miss you if he does fail to the last moment to see you.

    In center of lane, You could be better seen but you are nailed if he does fail to see you or be able to stop and you don't move

    Right side of lane, I can think of no reason. Perhaps maybe being center or a bit to the right might protect you from someone in the right lane thinking the lane is open to move over into in front of that truck that is a little ways back.

    And then, perhaps the best choice
    If this is a high risk place for a left based on lots of variables, traffic patterns, lighting, lane size, middle of block, etc. go up the road to a safe place to make a U turn and come back.

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    What he said. Good for you that you were watching.
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    I used to use the TailBlazer years ago but since switched to the P3s since there's two of them in a set and they are not only brake flashers, but are extra running lights too.
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    My habit whenever I sit at an intersection waiting for a light or traffic, I scan all around me for potential issues, and escape routes. Do this before you need too, like you did in the Left Turn lane, and it could well save a LOT more than some bike damage. I also scan ahead into my planned path of travel.

    A good example, when sitting in the LH turn lane waiting for my opportunity, I also scan where I am going after completing the turn. If there is a convenience store on the corner I am turning toward, I scan the entries/exits for vehicles going in or maybe coming out. At least I look for what may be an issue, so if I need to hustle through my LH turn I don't accelerate into another conflict.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ClassicVW View Post
    I used to use the TailBlazer years ago but since switched to the P3s since there's two of them in a set and they are not only brake flashers, but are extra running lights too.

    Sometimes when is see people coming i'll let go of the brakes for a second so they'll start flashing again
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    My F800ST allows me to set both turn signals blinking in tandem. It's eye-catching. Any reason not to do this while stopped?

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    a 4 way flasher usually is interpreted as there is some emergency. i'd be concerned that surrounding traffic might not be sre how to try to deal with you. maybe some would go around you and cut in front, since your blinkers say "i am disabled and not moving."
    i think it would be safer/better to just on/off your brake lever or pedal as a flasher, especially as you see traffic coming up your 6. or, at least turn your 4ways off as they get within clos(er) proximity.
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    Stopping in a thru lane for a left hand turn is dicey business if anyone is coming up behind you. Flashing brake lights, hand signals as well as turn signals, hi-viz gear, white helmet - NONE guarantee that the person following you is not totally distracted.

    I fairly frequently make a left turn off a high speed two lane highway which USUALLY doesn't have high traffic volume. My plan is to put plenty of distance ahead of following traffic then guage whether I can turn in front of or behind oncoming traffic before the following traffic catches up to me. Usually works. A couple times I signaled and pulled to the right edge of the paved shoulder until the road was clear in both directions. The other choice is to simply keep riding until I come to a designated left turn lane, which just adds a few miles to getting home. Certainly on a highway you DO NOT want to be sitting at a dead stop. In fact you do not want "the other guy" to in any way have to change his speed.

    In towns or cities at an intersection without a light or left turn lane, use your best judgment. Forcing a number of vehicles to stop behind you is, I believe, inconsiderate whether on a bike or in a car.
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