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Thread: Uneven lanes

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I look for a bridge where they didn't mill the surface and the lanes are even briefly - sometimes these even have "bump" signs. If I can cross on the bridge where the lanes are even I will if traffic permits. Plan ahead.
    +1 Most of the multi-lane roads have overpasses, generally concrete around here, that they do not mill and pave.
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    Quote Originally Posted by racer7 View Post
    NC Stephen
    Don't know when or where you had that conversation but there is still quite a bit of that going on in NC. Last season I ran into a very long stretch of 40 somewhere out west of Greensboro that had squared off 3" change at the new layer and I've seen a bunch of lesser stuff on 40 between Raleigh and Wilmington.
    We even had one of those morons paint full lane width signage with that slippery plastic paint on a curving, sloped bridge here in Wilmington. Its finally worn in a bit but you can imagine how slick it was when newer..
    NC DOT is a poorly run and managed organization that for years fed new roads to polticians as political favors rather than plan for the state's real needs and we're still playing catchup for that stupidity. The reorg of a few years ago helped but didn't fix all their problems. They're so far behind around here that it is possible to run into a 2 1/2 hr traffic jam in Wilmington now. Labor Day Fri saw a 5 mile long backup where 17 splits off 421 going over to Leland- made for a long evening for folks heading to Myrtle Beach or Brunswick County beaches...

    My conversation was with Resident Engineer for Div 5. Perhaps it made him more aware, perhaps not. Contact yours.. you are Div 3, the area west of Greensboro is Div 9.

    As for the roads built and infrastructure not refreshed that for sure is an ongoing issue and not one easily fixed. I know that the two leading states with the most roads switch back and forth. It is NC and Texas. So we do have a lot of roads to maintain and some areas truly need more. My folks moved to Wilmington in 79 and it really isn't much different now than then. A little project here and there really doesn't make a big difference. With 40 dumping into town now it is always a mess.

    While we perhaps can't predict all the hazards that are created, perhaps by pointing out the ones we do encounter we might make a small difference in how they do it next time.

    Hey man, thanks also for all your posts and words of wisdom along with a bit of story telling

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    Here & there I seem to see a few more motorcycle oriented warning signs. Being warned is a good thing, but the highway authority would do better for us if they would do more to reduce the hazards.

    I hate to say it but the only way that I see the road construction industry showing any concern for motorcyclist safety is if they get sued every time an accident occurs.

    An expensive "crash course" in Civil liability is powerful medicine.

    Perhaps Mr Hough will find a new way to enhance motorcycle safety by providing "expert witness" testimony.

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    As the roads get worst

    More the just uneven lanes, roads are getting worst. Oil, gravel, dogs, deer, etc.

    I wonder just how I would like to trade my 2 wheel enjoyment for a Spyder. I tried a sidecar, and I really don't like the way that handle. That Can-Am Spyder looks like it might make 'driding' (really not a 2 wheel motorcycle experience), much safer on bad roads.

    I live on a gravel road, 1/2 mile to the pavement, so I ride on less the perfect roads even before I really get in any riding. In rural Michigan you get your share of gravel on every corner, poor patch jobs on the pavement.
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    Some State agencies are using the "Michigan Wedge," which instead of a vertical face, is a sloped face on the edge of a freshly paved asphalt mat. This is quite a bit safer than the vertical edges.

    The best thing is for the owner and contractor to both be aware of the dangers to motorcyclists, and to have both minimize those hazards on their road projects, and at a minimum provide adequate warning signs.

    This is also another reason to not ride at night: you will not see "edge traps" left by road construction crews while you are riding in the dark.

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