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Just about a year ago, on Labor Day weekend, I was riding back to the Chicago area, with my brother, from a Goldwing rally in Arkansas.
It might be too late for legal action, but I would contact a personal injury lawyer and ask if any legal action would be appropriate.

Contractors are famous for paving all day or all week in one lane and then matching up lanes when they feel like it. Contractor and even owner sense of responsibility towards motorcyclists is essentially nil. They don't care. A juicy lawsuit might just force them to care.

On one of my recent "mill & fill" projects, we milled out pavement and paved it back. The contractor wanted to go all day in one lane and catch it back the next. I had my engineer pressure him into catching up the paving that same day so that there would be no "edge trap" (uneven pavement) overnight. We progressed the project that way and avoided risk to motorcyclists.

That's a key: if you think edge traps are dangerous during the day, what about at night when it would be impossible to see edge traps?