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    Head rebuild recomendation

    Hello to All,

    My 1975 R75/6 needs a head rebuilld. Its sucking oil thru the intake valve guide. I was thinking on using Motor Works Pro Machining in National City CA. They advertise in the "Airmail". $195.00 per head.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Davis2x1 View Post
    Hello to All,

    My 1975 R75/6 needs a head rebuilld. Its sucking oil thru the intake valve guide. I was thinking on using Motor Works Pro Machining in National City CA. They advertise in the "Airmail". $195.00 per head.


    Ask the Service Department of San Diego BMW Motorcycles what their opinion of them is. Their number is 619.286.1971. I'm sure they have seen their work in their shop and will have an informed opinion regarding their quality.
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    Very good to work with!

    All new valves, guides, unleaded seats, beadblasted. $350 about 5 years ago.
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    I just had my R25/2 head overhauled at Memphis Motorwerks...I gave my head to Vech at Benchmark Works and that was his shop of choice. If it was good enough for Vech, I'm sure it's good enough for me.

    However, when I get my /7 heads worked on, I'll probably use Ted Porter at the Beemer Shop. He has a bit of a lead time, so I'll have to factor that in to the rest of the top end work.
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    I had mine done by Tom Cutter and it only took about a month, but it cost about $200 more than you were quoted. I'm happy with the work, but I know of other people who've complained that they've been waiting for months for the work to be done, maybe I just got lucky.
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    I had mine done the Ted Porter last year and was very pleased with the work though it took almost 5 months.

    There was a series of emails on the Airhead list where some were very dissatisfied with the quality of the work by the National City shop. The name of the shop was different last year. But a local restoration shop here uses them frequently and has been happy with their work. So this may be a YMMV...
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    Motor work pro machining did my heads about a year ago. They cam back very very nice! Now runs like it should! I serched all the airhead lists read many reports. A few years back there were some pood quality Black Diamond valves, this is where the problems came from. I think most of the problems were taken care of and they stood behind their work. Porter, Oak, Cutter are good but five months? Plus I like to support people who support and spend money with the airmail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardak View Post
    it took almost 5 months.
    Holy moly!

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    I had my exhaust threads repaired 7-2012 and also had Ted Porters "Beemershop" inspect the valve seats and springs. Great communication and service. He said the valves were fine and the exhaust thread repair was very well done. I later on got the Wilbers rear shock and new fork springs for my Mystik and am very happy with my new suspension. Reasonable prices in my opinion.

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    Another Ted Porter fan here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davis2x1 View Post
    Its sucking oil thru the intake valve guide
    Intake valve guide sounds strange to me. In 99% of the cases, the exhaust guide will have much more play and is the one giving problems. Same for the exhaust valve, the one which breaks most of the time (due to excess of play, probably due to heat).
    I'm also 100% confident with Ted Porter, in West. Mine were done by Montecristo, another recommended shop in East.

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