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Thread: Riding the Kenai

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    Riding the Kenai

    A friend and I recently completed a ride touring around AK. We got into a little jam running out of gas along the Kenia route. For a short while we thought we had stepped into the Twilight Zone. Once refuedled and in our haste exiting we forgot to take pictures. We were wondering if anyone would have pictures to share of the area around Hope, AK.

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    Plenty of Soldotna and Homer but I don't have any Hope.

    Sorry I just couldn't resist.

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    Go over to the Alaska Forum on Adventure Rider; someone over there will be able to help.
    Kevin Huddy
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    Ten of us bought out an entire MotoQuest Alaska tour earlier this year. Go to the MotoQuest website and explore. There are a ton of pictures of various tours around Alaska and elsewhere. They may be copyrighted, but if you see some you want to download for your personal library and have any concerns, fire off an e-mail to the owner, Phil Freeman-- very nice guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 149954 View Post
    ...and in our haste exiting we forgot to take pictures.
    No Pictures? It never happened.

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