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Thread: K1200 Radio reception

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    Ken Long

    K1200 Radio reception

    I have a 2002 K1200LT. The radio reception is terrible at best. Almost no AM and the FM is extremely weak. The dealer has replaced most of the antenna assembly with little change. They also checked outher bikes and found about the same lack of performance. Can anyone shed any light on this problem?

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    Usually the problem is in the antenna assembly, but entire radios have gone bad also. The later problem is rare. I have an 02 with 12k on it with no problems whatsoever. You might want the dealer to check the radio connections and coat them with dielectric grease. That has proven to help out in some cases. Arte you a member of There is a wealth of info on that board, check it out.

    john T.

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    What John Said!!!

    However, in my case, it was a connection issue in the antenna. If you remove the plastic cover and loosen the nut, you can ensure that the antenna is making contact with the spring inside the antenna base.

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