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    Top notch service

    This past weekend I travelled to Mosport raceway to attend BMW Canada Motorrad Days. While in a nearby city my 2011 RT wouldn't start.

    I have dealt with Wolf BMW in London for many years and several bikes. The co-owner / technician Ian McQueen has provided exceptional service over the years, even going to bat with BMW in out-of-warranty situations. While I thanked him personally, I have just sent the following letter to the dealership that looked after me while on the road.

    "Please pass the following on to the manager responsible for motorcycle service.

    I am writing to thank you for the superior service provided to me by Endras Motorrad motorcycle technician, Owen Clarke, on August 25th and 26th. I was staying in Oshawa to attend BMW Motorrad Days. On Friday afternoon, in a downtown parking space, I pressed the starter on my 2011 R1200RT and absolutely nothing happened. I called my own dealer, Wolf BMW, and left a message as to what I should do.

    I found the BMW roadside assistance number and called. They forwarded my call to Endras Motorrad as the nearest dealer. The woman who answered was most helpful and put me through to Owen. He went through some basic diagnostics over the phone and we determined that the cause of the problem was a faulty starter button. He checked for the part and there wasn't one in stock. It was too late to get the switch delivered the next day, but said he could have one by Monday.

    At this point I became very concerned as my wife requires ongoing medical care and I had only made arrangements until Sunday, and she had medical appointments on Monday.

    Owen asked my location and said he would come with a trailer and pick up the bike. As I was waiting, Ian McQueen from Wolf BMW called back and said he was coming up that night to Motorrad Days and could bring a switch to the dealership. When Owen arrived I told him this and he said he could have it installed Saturday morning and would "salvage my weekend". Since it was getting late, he had to call the shop so that he would be able to park the truck when he got back. He gave me a ride to my hotel and left me his cell phone number in case I needed it.

    Saturday morning Owen picked me up in his own car and brought me to Endras Motorrad. As we got there Ian arrived with the switch. It was installed in minutes, the warranty paperwork settled and I was able to reach Motorrad Days before noon.

    Owen was friendly, helpful and went far, far beyond what would be expected. Please take note of the exceptional service that he provided."

    While we are sometimes quick to find fault with some situations, I do like to see those who do a good job get credit.

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    Great story. It just goes to show that we are a tight knit, helpful community, despite differences of opinion on oil and tires....

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    Customer Service in action for sure!

    Awesome example of customer care shown by all involved. They absolutely earned the kudos and the letter of recognition. Thank-you for sharing.
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    Good on you for writing this letter of commendation. Too often people are quick to complain about the slightest example of inferior service. I have found that writing a letter of thanks pays back over many future years while giving the parties involved a real boost in the "why we do it" department.

    If you haven't already, I would copy BMW Canada on this.

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