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Thread: no idle left side

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    OK- finally an update- I replaced the springs on the advance unit, re-set points, re-checked valves and found no change. Using the "shorting out" method, the left side just quits at idle.

    Next to re-check compression, check the tube between carb and cylinder to see if it is tight and then swap carbs side- to side.

    I also put some Seafoam in gas and bought new 93 octane.

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    Latest update in case anyone wonders- I finally was able to adjust my front brakes so they are decent now which makes a big difference in riding!

    It was so nice, I decided to quit medding with the stupid idle and just ride. Went for longest ride since I got it going again and it didn't break or catch fire! Nice 70 mile ride. Still won't idle correctly on left carb, but runs fine at any rpm above about 1500.

    Hoosier Beemer Rally is this weekend, so hope to do more riding/tuning there.

    Thanks for reading!

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    roger- any chance that the choke assembly is installed backwards on that left side carb?
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    I will look at choke assy. However, since I have had this problem with 3 different carbs, I keep thinking it is something else. Looks like rain for at least the first of the weekend, but maybe Saturday afternoon I can mess with it.

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    FINALLY! Thanks Don- carbs are balanced and seem to be working properly.
    Needed someone who has experience to notice that both idle and speed screws were both too low and so now it is a matter of riding and hoping the plug dosen't foul.

    Thanks to everyone that has helped on getting this bike back from the dead. It has been a real group effort, so now when you see it at a rally, you should feel good knowing you have been a part of it!

    I'm planning on taking it to Falling Leaf and just RIDING it!

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