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Thread: 1976 R75/6 Cast Wheels?

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    1976 R75/6 Cast Wheels?

    I have seen several R75/6 with cast wheels. I thought the /6's were always spoke wheels. Are these aftermarket wheels, wheels from newer R bikes, or did some of the later /6 bikes come with cast wheels?
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    I think the ones I've seen are called "snowflake" wheels and I "think" they might have been a factory option. Lester wheels were a popular aftermarket wheel at the time too.

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    Lester and Morris both made cast wheels for BMW's in the 70's I see Lester's from time to time, I haven't seen any Morris wheels in years.

    The snow flakes were not an option on the /6's they came along later, but I have seen /6's with snow flakes installed.

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