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Thread: TwinMax Voltage Issues

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    TwinMax Voltage Issues

    Saw this thread in Gear...readings can be suspect if the 9v battery is low on power:

    For those of us that use the TwinMax, might be something to check out.
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    TwinMax Voltage

    THANKS, Kurt, for getting this info out.

    Anything below 8.5V in the TwinMax is insufficient. Some of us clip the wire to the (unnecessary, IMHO) wheatlight, and that may help slow the discharge, but any 9V that sits for long is going to go below the threshold pretty quick, and thus will render the readings inaccurate. I ALWAYS check my 9V before using the TM.

    This is a MUCH better idea, as many of us have these transformers laying around the house, gathering dust. If not, check your local thrift store (Goodwill, etc.), as they generally have a huge box of these things on the cheap.

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    This is good to know. I felt I was having problems with my Twinmax, like there was an air leak or something. Now I wonder if it was the battery. I will buy a new one before balancing next time. ( put the old 9V in a smoke detector or something less critical!)

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