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Thread: Marsee 20L tankbag

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    Marsee 20L tankbag

    Considering buying this for my R1150RT and wondering if anyone has used one and what their comments are.

    The stock BMW tankbag just moves around too much for me.



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    I have one of their smaller bags with the same mount and I really like it. It is secure and doesn't move around. I also like the rigid interior. If I eventually replace the one I have, I would think about the 20L. Not sure how much it may block your view of the dash warning lights since it is fairly tall.
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    I've had the 20L Corona mount for about 3 years and love it. The BMW tank bag was total crap after 2 years and that was only using it for trips. The elastic gave out. The Marsee stays on the bike all the time. You'll have to buy the horn guard unless you like embarassing yourself and scaring everyone around you while manuvering out of a parking spot.

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