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Thread: 94 R1100RS Knock and Valve Train Noise

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    Whenever I run into a problem, I invite a buddy who is also a wrench over and we drink beers and go over everything very slowly and thoroughly. It seems that second set of eyes is like a proofreader for a book; they see things that looked OK to the writer. My buddies Harry & Paul have helped me out of similar situations.

    Good luck.
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    I have one of those buddies....Really tactful. Usually catches my goofs and asks: Would this be a good time to .....?

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    Another thing I really enjoy on this forum is finding out you're not the only one out there to have made a goofy mistake. Thanks guys. The thing is this has happened before but I failed to recognize the symptoms! DOH!!

    I'm getting ready for a long ride to Quincy CA for the Beemer Bash and finishing up a 24K service which involves a fair bit of wrenching all over the bike. It's easy to forget things or not check all is well before buttoning it back up. Then panic sets in. Oh NO! The bike won't run! I might have to cancel the trip! An on and on...

    But it's great when you find an easy one!
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