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Thread: JMCB 2003 Squelch problems

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    Cool JMCB 2003 Squelch problems

    I recently installed a J&M system (found on EBay at a substantial savings) in order to talk with a buddy riding an Ultra. On our trip south this spring, the unit started to have problems with a creeping squelch level, first noticed as we encountered some wet weather. Now the unit is almost at the top of the scale, only needing a quarter turn from the highest setting to encounter noise. All of the connections have been checked, waterproofed with some di-electric grease and checked for ground shorts with a reliable multimeter. John Lazzeroni, President of J&M, says the BMW branded units didnt have the squelch control of the newer units. Anyone else experiencing a problem like this? It is quite maddening, considering the cost of the units, headsets and cords to make it work.

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    Shocking since they're known for such good customer service. Haha. I had some trouble with my unit on my Wee, and got no support from the company, I'm sorry to say. I went Bluetooth when I bought my RT, and talked my bro on an Ultra to do the same since he's been having cb trouble. I wish I could add something constructive, but I have hit a dead end with J&M when having any trouble.

    I've found to get the same features on the CB 2003 that I have on my G9, it would cost 3x as much, ie. music, phone, com, GPS. As each is a costly addition.

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