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Thread: Grit size of paved road surfaces

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    Highway engineers try to get a reasonable level of traction with a quiet ride. Motorists (the 4-wheel kind) want a smooth, quiet ride and have little thought for the coefficient of friction. After all, they have ABS and stability control to bail them out. Plus their vehicles won't fall over. And if the worst happens they are wrapped by an array of air bags. So the push is for quiet and smooth pavement. 2-wheelers are on their own.


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    Yes and how about those tar snakes? They even use them here,in the cold wet northwest,to delay replacing road surfaces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by na1g View Post
    So the push is for quiet and smooth pavement. 2-wheelers are on their own.
    I can say with first hand knowledge that New York has friction specifications for all state and Interstate routes in New York. I'll assume most other states have similar requirements. I will also point out that existing friction on roads out there varies, which is a reason to be concerned, and a reason to choose ABS when buying a bike.
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