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Thread: Trade an R for a K?

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    Trade an R for a K?

    I have a low mileage 2007 R1200RT. I've been mulling around the notion of swaping for a k1200gt or k1300gt but I haven't rode a K-GT. I want some feedback from you guys that have ridden both as to why this is a good idea or not. Specifically, handling, torque, maintenance, reliability, confort on longer rides, etc. or anthing else that might play into the mix.

    I love the RT but the notion of something that might be a little zippier and smother is interesting. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    Zippier and smoother just about sums it up. A friend with an '07 RT and I swapped bikes. Even he admitted the K is smoother and zippier, while I just had a hard time getting past that "riding a sewing machine" feel of the RT. OTOH, mileage is a little lower, and all those "extra" cylinders do add a bit of complexity to the bike.

    Your call, of course, but if you want smoother and zippier...
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    An R for a K....NEVER..
    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
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    How about the handling and weight? Noticeable difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by r11rs94 View Post
    An R for a K....NEVER..
    used to say that and then I did. While i occasionally do miss the RT I am not regretting the move.
    It does seem harder to maneuver in tight parking lots however.
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    Are you daft, man????

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    daft (dɑːft)

    adj (foll by about )
    1. informal foolish, simple, or stupid
    2. a slang word for insane
    3. informal extremely fond (of)
    4. slang frivolous; giddy

    [Old English ged?fte gentle, foolish; related to Middle Low German ondaft incapable]

    I don't think so..

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    Quote Originally Posted by NI5L View Post
    Are you daft, man????
    I think you are being bombastic

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    Riding motorcycles to me is about passion which is why I've only owned twins (HD,Triumph, Ducati and now R1200RT). I feel twins evoke this passion that a 4 cyl doesn't so I'll most likely always have a twin of one sort or another. When I decided I wanted to be back on a touring bike after a brief hiatus I knew I didn't want HD again so I demo'd the R1200RT and it was all she wrote. My friends said I should demo the GT as well but I had no interest b/c it isn't a twin.

    I'd say find out what your passionate about when it comes to riding and let that be a compass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stokesrl View Post
    I've been mulling around the notion of swaping for a k1200gt or k1300gt
    What did you end up doing?

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