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Thread: Great Lakes Circle Tour?

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    Great Lakes Circle Tour?

    So I'm staring at the wall map and thinking about next years bike trip. I get one more week of vacation than my wife so I can almost be assured of a weeklong trip in June. Since I'm starting in Massachusetts and I'm limited to about 9 days of travel, I'm looking for loops that offer plently of scenery, twisty roads, and remote locales. I noticed that one could make a tidy loop around the Great Lakes so I googled it to see if anyone has ever done it. Turns out there's an enitre road system designated specifically for the purpose of circling all of the lakes. Cool! Looks like some Iron Butt folks have done it in less than 100 hours or so. I've certainly got more time than that. So has anyone here done the loop? Highpoints? Low points? Anything that should be avoided. Pictures? Cautionary tales? I'm interested.

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