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Thread: Too tall or too short - my dilemma

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    I've had my GSA for almost a year and still not comfortable around town and/or a slow speeds. I'm 5'11" tall but I only have a 30" inseam. I'm on my tip toes when I stop and really struggle when trying to move the bike while sitting on it. I've been told not to worry about it and that I'll get use to it over time. But that's yet to happen.

    I have a KLR that has a seat height that's about the same as th GS but it's weighs significantly less and a lot easier to handle around town. I know people have lowered standard GS bikes but not aware of anyone doing it to an Adventure. My question is that if it can be done what are the pros and cons and approx should I expect to spend?
    I have 30" inseam. GSA. Sargent regular height seat. $400

    DAYTONA M STAR BOOTS Will get you about flat footed. $450

    Extremely well made boots. Also, WESA by ohlins. $2000.
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