Even with my new 2011 1200 RT, I still ride with my old Gold Wing buddies. The number of guy putting car tires on the rear of their Wings is increasing quite a bit, actually a lot. The main reason is the lure of getting 30,000+ miles on a tire that costs around $100 with virtually no loss of handling ability or any safety issues. And we ride a LOT of twisties together.

No value judgement here...Just putting out the idea for general discussion. I can certainly understand the economic incentives of both the riders wanting double the miles at nearly half the price, and tire manufacturers wanting to maintain current price points.

If this phenomenon gains a lot of traction, maybe a motorcycle tire manufacturer might consider designing a high-milage hybrid car/cycle tire to capture a market trend.

Personally, I'm sticking with traditional rear cycle tires for now, but it is an interesting thought. What do you guys think?