I was guested by several Marion,VA riders this week for some of the best mountain riding you'll ever experience!A big thanks to osbornk (here on the forum) & his buddies for being the guides .
We rode the area near Marion,VA to include a wide sweep of all sides of the Mt.Roberts area, traveling corners of VA,NC & TN to include the "Snake" & I rode the "back of the snake the previous day after tooling S through the WV mtns., having left KY via the NE corner. WV 16 & its S rt are great riding as is WV 10. As you enter VA16alt and continue S the riding is even better. It was a total of 700+ k of mtn roads over a day & a half period. That figure includes slab time going into WV & coming out of VA going home.
The roads, the scenery,the hosts & the weather all combined for some of the best riding on the planet,thanks guys! Hey even the gas is cheaper in VA!