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Thread: A little humor

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    A little humor

    What to expect when you wreck your motorcycle.

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    Mark is one funny guy.Thanks for that.
    Ed Baker

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    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
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    Great video, thanks!
    Since I live near several squid-infested routes, I often see guys getting scraped up... Putting aside the pain and sympathy (we know where to find that in the dictionary) for a minute, as the rescuers are cutting away, one thought is always, "Well, there goes $1500 in leather..."

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    Working in the Fire Service for 32 years I had cut off a few pairs of pants/leathers/textiles. I had one guy with a compound fracture of the femur. The bone was contained behind his leathers. He was begging for me not to cut his leathers off even though what was hiding underneath was bad. The pain told him he was not going to be able to pull his leg out of his pants. I still think he cried more from the loss of his leathers than the pain? Those leathers did their job at protecting him from more serious injury.

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    Now that is funny!
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