Anyone here happen to have a shark Evoline series 2 Not the ST version?
i guess i bought my helmet a year to early. I own a series 2 not ST version and the issue that i have. Is trying to find speakers that will fit inside with out squashing my head. i cant stand ear buds after long use. i have plastic behind ear pads not foam cant cut any away. been cutting pieces of cardboard to the dimensions of some of the speaker units that I been finding. And been fitting them inside from doing this test seams i want to stay under 3/8 of a in. felt tight so around 1/4th in. or below unless somebody knows how to pull this plastic off?
Info if needed
Will be used for blue-tooth for gps and mp3 player maybe helmet to helmet coms down the road.
have did google searchs found he stated will not be ready until spring for a good blue-tooth unit that will fit in this thing. so far this guy over at edsets has been very helpfull he has already responded to all of my e-mails