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Thread: GPS- Garmin Zumo

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    My choice was a refurb 550 with warranty-about the same price as a cheaper unit

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    GPS- Garmin Zumo

    I have 3. A zumo 550, 450, and an old 2720. The absolute requirement for me is route planning with mapsource. All 3 do route planning, most "car" models dont. Our riding group will all share the days route. At first it was about navigation, but the safety aspect is also nice. When you are 2000 miles from home, having Jill tell everyone in the group where we are going is nice. Of the zumo's, 450 no Bluetooth, 550 has Bluetooth but mono, 660 has Bluetooth stereo. I picked up my 550 from eBay for $400. Works great with my sena.
    For clarity, the route planning ability is critical to us. You will travel on roads a traditional, point to point GPS would never take you.
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