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Thread: Greetings from California Wine Country

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    Argent brick 719

    Greetings from California Wine Country

    Hello Everyone,

    After waiting for about twenty years, I can finally say that I own a Flying Brick.
    I am just now getting back into bikes and am looking forward to many years on my '95 K75 Standard.

    If any of you are planning a ride to Northern California, try to make it in the fall. Touring through Napa Valley on a BMW in the fall is not to be missed.

    The wine seems to be decent, for those of you that like to drink. If you want to learn about wines or become a wine snob, this is the place to be.

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    Nice bike;

    K75, getting more rare and a very nice way to go. Never understood BMW stopping production of that one. Nobody did. It could be argued and has been, that the K75s were the best of the Bricks. Very smooth, like silk. Best to ya. Join us in Salem next year. BMWMOA National Rally. Of course don't forget Quincy and the Beemer Bash come mid September, a very nice destination up there around Quincy. We had better keep watch of the fires, however, as Quincy may be in the line of BAD! Randy

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    Don't you need at least a 5 series to be a wine snob?
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    Check out the Flying Brick section of the forum to learn more about your bike.


    Ride Safe, Ride Far, Ride Often

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    Welcome.. Love riding up in Napa in the fall.
    Tom - MOA #156706, Hayward, CA
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    Argent brick 719
    Thanks Guys,

    It is nice to hear that the K75 is a good bike design. I hope I bought the right year.
    Now I just need to find a tank surround for a low seat and a pair of city cases and I will
    be good to go.

    Give me a call if you get in the area. I can tell you where to go (for good wine).

    Oh, 35634, to be a wine snob, all you have to do is drink wine when everybody else is
    having beer

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    Welcome aboard! Had the opportunity to spend a night in Napa 2 years ago on the way up to Yosemite. Really enjoyed the train dinner tour.
    New York's Hudson Valley Region
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