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Thread: 92 K75S Fuel injectors are wide open...

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    92 K75S Fuel injectors are wide open...

    Hello everyone,

    I hope someone has seen this problem before and can help.

    The bike was not running. Fuel coming from the exhaust. I pulled the fuel rail and the injectors are flowing wide open continuously when the start button is pressed and until the fuel pressure stops. I've seen these injectors working before so I do know that these are running continuously not just looking like they are. Massive fuel coming out of all injectors.

    Injectors were sent in and cleaned and tested. Injectors are good. Computer, Air Flow sensor, Temp sensor and fuel pressure regulator replaced. Problem still persists.

    I disconnected one plug from one fuel injector and that one is not squirting. So the injectors are getting a solid power signal... Kill switch shuts them off instantly. Also disconnected the TPS with no effect.

    Could it be a short in the fuel injectors wiring harness .? Or the fuel filter is causing a back pressure?

    Please help if you can,

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