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Thread: not sure why they don't sell these here...

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    There are two other things that matter:
    - European municipalities (big business for BMW) usually prefer to buy smaller displacement bikes (remember the K75??)
    - In order to go fast, you do not need large displacement. Horsepower can also be made from rpm (P = M x 2? n). If you look at the automotive industry, Europe always had smaller displacement engines, even in fast cars. And small
    displacements translate into better efficiency and thus better fuel economy. Something desirable with higher fuel prices in Europe.

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    seems to me

    yeah, you can get power out of small engines but they gotta rev higher or they need turbos which (to me) means they break sooner.

    dunno, just sayin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 40427 View Post
    In many European countries a vehicle is taxed by it displacement and HP. Add in the cost of insurance being less than a bigger motor and you begin to understand.

    Also many places have a tiered driving license system so a beginner cannot buy a huge motor.

    With the cost of gasoline now at , or approaching $10.00 per gallon over there, smaller displacement and better fuel mileage make a lot of sense. Something most Americans do not face.
    The Europeans don't have to face it if they don't want to.
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    At the moment they have two choices gasoline or diesel , the infrastructure is no better there than here for electric vehicles .
    At least in the parts of Germany I go to.

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