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I personally know 6 people who had the cam chain break on their K1200GT and K1200S. It's costly when it happens so the upgrade is important.
I don't remember how much the upgrade cost.
I-BMW.com is a good place to get information on this. The site is mostly K bike owners.
I recall a discussion that the cam chain/sprocket are now a 30K service item.

I changed one on Helen's '05 S around 40K as it had the chain slap when we bought it and the tensioner upgrade did not take the issue completely away..forget the cost, but it took a bit of time with all the pieces to get the valve cover off. The BMW tool to lock the engine at TDC was another expensive piece...but I have used it enough to justify .
Now if I could get around to changing the chirpy/juddery clutch out in hers An issue that went away on the '07 models it seems when they redesigned the clutch pack.
My lower mileage '05 got the tensioner and guard way before the chain got sloppy...will revisit at 30K.